Applewood Inn

Coming Spring 2017 ~ The BELDEN ~ Applewood Inn transforms into a new reality of rich experiences, capturing the passion, spirit and heritage of our Sonoma culture. A million-dollar renovation beckons you!

Intimate Russian River Weddings

When you first met, "forever" wasn't quite on your mind. But, now you can’t imagine life without each other. Your big weekend is the celebration of that love, sharing it with the people you each hold dearest. For you, its not about a big, over the top Party! Party! with guests who’s names you can’t remember. This is just for your close circle, the people who have made you who you are, as individuals, and as a couple.

We understand and will ensure that your intimate Russian River wedding or special event is every bit the vision you have in mind.

Walk through the wrought-iron gates to enter the lush Culinary Garden, and follow the path to a perfect setting for an elevated affair. The space is abundant with figs, pears and olives, home to our colorful chickens, verdant herbs and vegetables, and surrounded by the towering Redwoods that scent the fresh air. A grove of ancient Willow trees frame an ideal focal point for your ceremony. The pumpkin patch lies just beyond.

Sealed with a kiss, toasted with champagne and tray-passed hors d'oeuvres, sit down to a spectacular al fresco meal featuring the produce that surrounds you in the garden, and prepared on-site by our restaurant, Revival. And the service. Ah, yes. It's all in the perfect details.

Given sufficient notice, the 19 guest rooms, private pool and courtyard are yours for your friends and family, exclusively. Applewood Inn is perfect for an intimate Russian River Valley wedding or special event that's personable and memorable for all.

You are celebrating with friends, and conveniently we have a few friends of our own to ensure your day is perfect. We’ve assembled a team of the best partners in Sonoma for a seamless, elevated affair:

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